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Merida from Brave Disney 100 Silver Medallion

Merida from Brave Disney 100 Silver Medallion

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Introducing the Disney 100th Anniversary Silver-Colored Medallion, a shimmering tribute to a century of enchanting ice-bound adventures and cherished friendships. Gleaming in a lustrous silver finish, this limited-edition piece showcases the beloved Merida from Brave, capturing her magical journeys on one side. On the reverse, the distinguished "100 Years of Wonder" Walt Disney World logo takes center stage, symbolizing a century of cherished stories and unforgettable moments.

This medallion is a heartfelt homage to the enduring legacy of Disney's captivating and heartwarming universe. Whether cherished as a keepsake or worn with pride as a symbol of devotion to Disney, this piece is destined to become a treasured memento for fans of all ages. Celebrate the power of family, friendship, and icy wonder in Walt Disney's universe with this extraordinary medallion, available for a limited time to honor this historic milestone.

** Authentic Disney Parks merchandise. **

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