Merchandise Requests

Thank you for reaching out to My Magical WDW Shopper to help you with your special merchandise request from Disney. We are so excited to have one of our personal shoppers help you with your request.

Our expert shoppers are here to assist you with everything you need, from souvenirs and apparel to limited edition products. You can pre-order your favorite items and have them shipped to your door step.

My Magical WDW Shopper is here to help you! No request is too big or small. We have shipped everything from a ring from Arribas Brothers in the Germany pavilion to a 26" Stitch plush from Disney Springs. 

Our business began in 2020 as a small Facebook group.  Today that group has grown to over 7,600 shoppers worldwide.

This website has been created to help us keep up with the ever-growing demand for our services, and to provide a faster and easier purchasing experience for our customers.

Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience. 


What are the fees associated with working with a Personal Shopper?

Our pickup fees will amount to $10 per item or 30% of the item's cost, whichever is greater. For example: 

Retail price of the item (per item)
+ $10 or 30% personal shopping fee (per item)
+ 7.25% tax (per item)
+ Cost of shipping (per item)
= Your Total

Why do you charge fees? 

Our personal shopping fee is a price that includes premium service and delivery from My Magical WDW Shopper.

  1. Park Passes & Gas
    First, we love physically going to Walt Disney World to shop for our customers. It is an exhilarating experience for us, as we are crazy Disney lovers and fans. However, getting out to shop for you on Disney property comes with considerable expenses on our part. We purchase an AP (with no block-out dates) that allows us to visit multiple parks daily, and we can’t get into the parks to shop for your order without tickets or passes. Keeping gas in the car is important when driving across Walt Disney World property daily, which is the size of San Francisco (crazy right?!)… and so, gas and mileage are also an expense.
  2. Time
    We take pride in trying our best to be one of the first shopping services to share pictures of newly released Walt Disney World merchandise the day it drops. It takes time to capture those photos and upload them for your enjoyment. It also takes time to field your comments and messages. We are quick to answer direct messages and order requests. We dedicate time each day to invoice for items picked up that day. We also spend a good portion of our shopping trip waiting in long checkout lines. We drive to Disney World daily and spend hours visiting all four theme parks to shop for you. We also make time to visit the 25+ resorts, and Disney Springs as well. Therefore, we spend hours each day striving to provide the best possible shopping experience for all our customers.
  3. Navigating Crowds
    Disney World is a huge vacation destination that draws massive crowds (and crowd levels increase dramatically depending on the time of year). Peak season is from June – August, and those crowds are tremendous due to families spending their summer vacation together. During summer, Disney World is booked non-stop and parks often reach capacity. The October-January holiday crowds are also enormous, and it takes time and effort to navigate around the park. We must also navigate crowds when visiting the resort gift shops.
  4. Weather
    Walt Disney World is in Central Florida! This means baking in the Florida sun and sweating from the humidity, while carrying your orders around property… or even getting soaked from head to toe during Florida rainy season, while trying our best to keep your order dry. We love personal shopping so much, that we shop and stand in lines for you in 90+ degree weather, and 100% humidity. We love the Florida winters, however, the summers require taking breaks, which means driving home and returning to the parks again for you at night time.
  5. Shipment
    We have factored in the time we spend packaging your items, along with the shipping supplies we must purchase and use (such as boxes, bubble wrap, labels, tape, etc.), and dropping your order off at the post office, into our shopping fee. We send out our invoices the same day we pick up the item, and after payment is received, we ship within 3-7 business days. During the holiday season, we send out shipments within 1-3 business days of receiving your invoice payment. We will gladly overnight products, or provide a two-day shipping method, for an additional cost, at any time of year.