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Magical Ear Hat Crossbody Purse

Magical Ear Hat Crossbody Purse

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Share your ears with our Magical Ear Hat Crossbody Purse. These bags were custom designed with the utmost care.

The zipper pouch is made to fit a large phone (ie, iPhone 14 pro max) as well as some basic essentials like a small card wallet and lip balm.

The bag features a removable crossbody strap, as well as an eco-friendly faux leather strap on the back that can be used to put the bag on a belt- the ears are reinforced so that they don't flop when wearing it on a belt! The soft minky fabric repels dirt and is compatible with any kind of adhesive patch.

All crossbody hardware is carefully positioned just on the back side of the ears so that it isn't visible with the strap removed, both for wear as a belt bag and so that it can be an adorable piece of plush home decor.

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