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Little Green Men Purse

Little Green Men Purse

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Introducing the charming Little Green Men Purse, inspired by Disney's Toy Story! This purse features the adorable Little Green Alien in a playful and stylish design. Perfect for carrying essentials with a touch of whimsy and nostalgia, it's an ideal accessory for fans of the Toy Story universe.

  • Made of high quality silicone rubber outter & Polyester inner lining 
  • Back is stamped with Disney 100 logo
  • Adjustable lanyard shoulder strap featuring Disney/Pixar characters and Disney 100 logo
  • Clasp attachable lanyard shoulder strap can be removed to use as a clutch wallet
  • Authenticity holographic sticker on tag
  • Made under license by Quncle

** Officially Disney licensed. **

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