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Warm Hugs Cinnamon Spice Rooibos Tea - Caffeine Free

Warm Hugs Cinnamon Spice Rooibos Tea - Caffeine Free

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Warming spices and creamy vanilla will envelop you like a warm hug. Caffeine free, so this makes a great night time drink as well.

Tasting Notes:  cream | vanilla | clove | cinnamon

Who doesn’t like warm hugs?  Our favorite enchanted snowman sure likes them, and we came up with this special blend of tea for him. As soon as you open the bag you will see why this is the perfect tea for feeling warm and fuzzy. Our Warm Hugs tea is rooibos based, which not only gives it a smooth and lightly creamy flavor, but is also completely caffeine free. Warming spices of cinnamon and clove are added to the mix along with a touch of vanilla, to really envelop the taste. Finally, a scattering snow (in the form of coconut shreds) is flurried in to finish the look and add a bit of sweetness. We are sure this warming and creamy tea blend is enchanted enough to thaw a frozen heart. Makes a great after meal tea or nighttime drink.

Steeping Instructions

Use one heaping teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 5-8 minutes in hot water 208° (boiling) can leave teabag in, won’t get bitter or over-brew


rooibos, honeybush, clove, cinnamon, coconut shreds, flavor and vanilla pieces

caffeine free

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