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Elephant Tracking The Expedition Bracelet from Fahlo - Lava Stone

Elephant Tracking The Expedition Bracelet from Fahlo - Lava Stone

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Each bracelet from the partnership with Save The Elephants and Fahlo comes with a unique elephant to track, allowing you to collect and learn about multiple individuals. Discover your elephant's name, see their picture, and delve into their captivating stories, including their age and family details. Follow their remarkable journeys on an exclusive tracking map, gaining insights into their habitats and conservation efforts. This initiative not only fosters personal connections with these majestic creatures but also supports conservation efforts through awareness and engagement. It's a meaningful way to contribute to the protection and preservation of elephants in partnership with Save The Elephants.

A portion of the proceeds are donated to Save The Elephants in Kenya, who specializes in elephant research and works to protect wild elephants. Your purchase will help fight ivory poaching, and secure a future for the elephants in a rapidly changing world.

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