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Stitch Shaped Pop Fidget Keychain

Stitch Shaped Pop Fidget Keychain

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POP Fidget toys now come shaped as your favorite characters! Stitch bubble pop fidget toy has a quiet side and a loud side to pop. It can effectively relieve anxiety and stress and help restore mood. It is ideal for people with autism, ADHD, the elderly, children and adults who need to relieve stress. Made of high-quality silicone, BPA-free, non-toxic and harmless, smooth and soft, 100% environmentally friendly. Perfect gift for children, pop fidget is small in size and lightweight. You can easily put it in your pocket or carry it with you. It can not only relieve stress, but also train children's basic mathematical knowledge. It is convenient to carry when traveling, and you can play in cars, airplanes, restaurants, camping, schools and offices anywhere. Can be reused and cleaned.

** Officially Disney licensed. **

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