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Olaf Walt Disney World 50th Gold Medallion

Olaf Walt Disney World 50th Gold Medallion

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Celebrate Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary with this heartwarming gold-colored medallion featuring the lovable Olaf on one side, joyfully portrayed against a radiant gold backdrop. This limited-edition keepsake captures the whimsical charm of Disney's iconic character from Frozen. Flip it over to discover the iconic Mickey Mouse, surrounded by the joyous proclamation "The World's Most Magical Celebration" and adorned with the Walt Disney World logo on the reverse. Meticulously crafted, this medallion pays homage to five decades of magic, making it a treasured addition for Disney enthusiasts and collectors alike. Embrace the warmth and relive the spirit of Walt Disney World's enduring legacy with this finely detailed and iconic piece.

** Authentic Disney Parks merchandise. **

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