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Cinnamon Roll Milk Magic Straws

Cinnamon Roll Milk Magic Straws

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Relieve the days of Gaston's Tavern with our Cinnamon Roll Milk Magic Straws.

 These fun straws have been helping parents persuade picky drinkers to sip their milk and have empty glasses for over a decade. With over half a billion straws sold, Milk Magic has become a staple item in homes across the country. 

A breakfast favorite. A warm cinnamon roll with a glass of cold milk!

And as always, all of our straws are gluten-free, BPA free, and non-GMO. (Four straws in package).

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Dextrose, Low-fat Cocoa Powder, Flavorings (Vanilla & Cinnamon), Cinnamon Powder, colorings.

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