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Enchanted Rose Black Tea

Enchanted Rose Black Tea

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Fruity and lightly floral blend of black tea, currants and rose petals. Let this colorful and delicious tea blend enchant you with flavors of the countryside.

Tasting Notes:  black currants | red rose

There is a tale as old as time that reminds us to always have love in our hearts, for beauty is found within. It is also said that nothing goes better with a good book than a cup of tea. We are quite sure that Belle would approve of both of these sayings and would absolutely love our Enchanted Rose tea.

 Rich black tea mixed with a stained glass assortment of fruits and botanicals inspired by provincial France. Goes well with breads and meals, and makes a fine morning or afternoon tea. Be sure to get some Enchanted Rose tea before the last petal falls.

Steeping Instructions

Use one heaping teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 3-5 minutes in hot water 208° (boiling) longer steep times will bring out more bitterness


black tea, red rose petals, black currants, black currant leaves, and flavor

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