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Disney's Winnie the Pooh Eeyore Steiff Plush

Disney's Winnie the Pooh Eeyore Steiff Plush

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Eeyore from the Hundred Acre Wood is possibly the most slow-paced donkey in the world and will capture any child’s heart. He’s a somewhat perplexed donkey who lives in a ramshackle stick house but he’s surrounded by loyal friends with wonderful ideas.

Let your imagination run wild – measuring 25 cm tall, our bluish-grey Disney Originals Eeyore is made of cuddly soft plush and loves to listen to you! He has long lop ears which are pink on the inside. And his little black button eyes go beautifully with his strokably soft, short black mane.

His eyebrows, nostrils and mouth are all embroidered, and a magnificent white belly and round snout complete the look perfectly. Unlike in the films, your Eeyore can wag his pretty tail without fear of it falling off! All of this makes him a popular companion. Eeyore is part of a series of new Steiff cuddly toys with a Disney licence. And we’re proud of this!

  • Recommended for all ages
  • Product dimension - 9.44" L x 9.05" W x 5.11" H
  • Product weight - 0.43 lbs
  • Safety tested for all ages
  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine Washable
  • Stainless steel "Button in Ear"
  • Age: 0+
  • Imported

** Officially Disney licensed. **

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