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Circle of Life Blood Orange Rooibos - Caffeine Free

Circle of Life Blood Orange Rooibos - Caffeine Free

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Creamy rooibos with almond and fruit, creates a lightly tart, fruity taste. Caffeine free, so this makes a great night time drink as well.

Tasting Notes:  almond | blood orange | creamy

One taste of our Circle of Life rooibos blend will make you feel like a king. The brewed tea has the color of the blood orange Saharan sunrise and is caffeine free so the lions can sleep tonight. In the mix is almond, orange, apple, pineapple and a touch of hibiscus, together creating a colorful spectacle of all the creatures in the circle of life. The flavor is lightly sweet, tart, and perfectly creamy – great for nighttime or anytime!

The base of this mighty caffeine-free mix is African rooibos, which is made from a small bush grown only in Africa. The leaves and stems of the plant are made into a caffeine free tea that is high in polyphenols and vitamin C. Rooibos has been used as a healthy and thirst quenching beverage for many generations in Africa, but is relatively new to the rest of the world.

Steeping Instructions

Use one heaping teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 5-8 minutes in hot water 208° (boiling) can leave teabag in, won’t get bitter or over-brew


rooibos, almond flavor, apple, candied pineapple, raisins, carrot, hibiscus, candied mango, orange, beetroot, strawberry, safflower, rhubarb, raspberry, apricot

caffeine free

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