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Alice's Tea Party Earl Grey Tea

Alice's Tea Party Earl Grey Tea

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A traditional afternoon tea with a twist of wonder! Bergamot, peach, jasmine and a hint of lavender make this tea a perfect addition to meals and tea times.

Tasting Notes:  citrus | peach | floral

Join Alice at the table for a traditional English tea with a twist of wonder. This black and green tea blend is the perfect spot of tea for an afternoon of finger foods, scones, and perhaps some madness! Being an English girl, Alice loves a traditional tea time and this tea is very inspired to hit the right notes. 

The overall taste is that of fruits and flowers, and the visual of the tea is a thing of beauty, looking like it could have flowers in it freshly picked from the countryside. We like to think of this tea as similar to an Earl Grey with a bit of lavender and other flowers; the lavender is very subtle, so don’t be afraid if you are not a fan of it. Rounding out the flavor profile is subtle peach and a soft undertone of jasmine, complimented with a sprinkling of beautiful jasmine pearls. Red rose petals and blue cornflowers finish off this beautiful and delicious Alice-approved tea blend. 

Steeping Instructions

Use one heaping teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 3-5 minutes in hot water 208° (boiling) longer steep times will bring out more bitterness

Brew with double strength (2 teaspoons) if you are making a latte


black tea, green tea, marigold blossoms, blackberry leaves, rose petals, passionfruit, peach flavor, jasmine flowers, bergamot oil, lavender blossoms, jasmine pearls, rose petals, blue cornflowers

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