Welcome Home In Room Celebrations

Experience the enchantment of an in-room party with our Magic Makers at My Magical WDW Shopper - Floral and Gifts division! Explore our diverse range of festive celebration packages tailored just for you!
Our guests come from all over the world looking to celebrate their special moments in the most amazing way — of course, that almost always means a visit to Walt Disney World! But sometimes you need that extra sprinkling of pixie dust to keep your family’s celebrations going even in your hotel room — that’s something we understand here at My Magical WDW Shopper and we’ve got you covered!
We know that every detail of your celebratory vacation is important.  That’s why we’ve teamed up with some of the best Magic Makers to create spectacular in-room celebrations, each of which are tailor-made to match any occasion and fit any budget. 
Welcome Home from Mickey and Minnie - Starting at $150
Our spectacular Mickey & Minnie Celebrations can feature a custom Mickey Mouse cake, a themed balloon bouquet, party decorations, large Mickey and Minnie plush, a Minnie Mouse-themed gift basket, and more. As Cinderella would say, "a dream is a wish your heart makes!" 

Quality is a big deal for My Magical WDW Shopper, so most gift baskets and in-room celebrations feature a minimum of 85% of authentic Disney Parks merchandise, all of which is brand new and yours to take home with you!   If you’re flying home with limited luggage space and need a smaller celebration that’s easier to pack up and take home, you can always order a celebration that fits for your needs.  We can also arrange for shipping your souvenirs home to help you with your vacation experience. 

Pricing examples: 

Mickey Dome Cake from Amorette's - $75

Themed Balloon Bouquet - $75/each

Themed Balloon Swag - $75+

Custom Gift Basket - $125+ 

Your celebration can be as big as you want it to be, just ask!

If you’re worried about allergies at all, have no fear!  My Magical WDW Shopper is happy to work with your special needs and allergy requests to make sure your celebration’s gift baskets, merchandise, cakes, cookies, and other treats are all exactly right for you and your family.

Planning a special Disney holiday visit?  In-room celebrations can be done for every holiday!  With Halloween Time quickly approaching, now’s the perfect time to book your special Halloween-themed celebration!  Snag a special Halloween tree for your spooky in-room soiree ($125 to buy or $25 to rent) or grab a Mickey-themed Halloween gift basket to take home.

Just looking to celebrate the summer or want to honor a veteran in your Disney family?  No problem!  My Magical WDW Shopper can help create the perfect celebration package for any occasion!   Of course, the holidays are coming up and My Magical WDW Shopper can create an in-room holiday celebration for you that your family will remember forever!  Keep an eye out for a post in the coming months detailing some of My Magical WDW Shopper’s upcoming holiday offerings!  If you’d like to find out more about My Magical WDW Shopper’s in-room celebration offerings and packages or to receive a quote, contact us here.

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