Shipping Damages & Fragile Items

We take time & effort to pack your fragile items as best & securely as we can. But unfortunately, breakage during transit is always a possible risk with all fragile items, no matter how well we pack & protect them. With the way things are being more cheaply made & produced these days, and how boxes are often thrown around without care in transit, breakage sadly does happen sometimes. 😔

All packages over $20 do come with shipping insurance, and we will submit a claim if we need to.

We MUST be made aware of damaged items immediately upon delivery of your package. ALL CLAIMS MUST BE FILED WITHIN 5 CALENDAR DAYS of your package arriving to you (so please be as quick & diligent as possible to get us what we need for the claim).

For damaged content claims, we need ALL of the following photos in order to proceed with claim submission:

1 – five photos of all damages to items (multiple angles please!)

2 – photos of all the sides of the external packaging (the outside of the box/envelope it was shipped in)

3 – photos of the inside of the box/envelope it was shipped in

4 – photos of any/all packaging materials that were used to secure/protect your items during shipment

VERY IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT throw away any of the packaging or box contents, or the item itself (even though it is broken). Sometimes we are asked to send the items & packaging in as proof for the claim (and if we cannot send it in, it may be denied). Once the claim is fully processed & approved (with no further information required), we will then advise on what to do with the broken contents & box/packing materials.

We try to keep you as updated as we can along the way, but please note, we don’t always get a ton of claim updates ourselves during the process. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the claim process together.