It Started With a Bucket

It started with a bucket... this one.

In the whimsical realm of Disney magic, my journey as a Disney shopper began in August 2020, at Hollywood Studios. Little did I know that a simple photo of a cauldron bucket, taken on a whim and shared in a Disney Popcorn Bucket Facebook group, would lead me on an adventure of a lifetime.

When Disney reopened its doors in July 2020, I had ample time of my hands due to my music school business in the Dallas, Texas area shutting down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I would go to the parks on a daily basis and document my life in the parks and share new merchandise on my social media. 

As a popcorn bucket collector myself and captivated by the adorable cauldron's charm, I posted the photo, sparking a wave of enthusiasm in the Disney Popcorn Bucket Group. Surprisingly, over 200 people expressed their desire for this adorable bucket, yet lacked the means to acquire it themselves due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One family that contacted me had a daughter that was diagnosed with cancer and couldn't travel. Another had a bed-bound mother that they were taking care of. Another couldn't travel due to the borders being shut down overseas. So many stories about why they wanted to go to Walt Disney World, but couldn't. After several popcorn bucket releases, I had several customers that persistently "strongly suggested" to me about starting a Facebook group to share new Disney merchandise in. They told me I could find anything! 

One had a pair of Autistic 7 year old twins who was, on a daily basis, asking me to pickup items that they were seeing on various YouTube channels and couldn't make it to Disneyland due to the pandemic.  Being on the spectrum myself and having a heart for those with special needs, I couldn't say no even though I was very hesitant about being a "personal shopper" just from the negative connotations that some Disney fans have about "resellers" and "scalpers". I knew that I had a different mindset than many other shoppers by charging fair prices for my services... so I caved into their requests and started My Magical WDW Shopper on Facebook. 

The outpouring of generosity and the shared passion for Disney merchandise ignited "one little spark of inspiration". As someone that has always had a heart for helping others, My Magical Shopper Co. became the bridge between enthusiasts and coveted Disney treasures. What started as a simple photo transformed into a mission to connect Disney lovers with the magical items they longed for.

As requests poured in, I navigated the parks, obtaining sought-after merchandise and creating a magical network of Disney lovers. Many turned from shoppers to friends. 

Through this unexpected journey, I discovered the power of the Disney community and the enchantment that comes from turning a simple snapshot into a magical connection. Every piece of Disney merchandise carries not just the magic of the parks but also the warmth of shared experiences and the generosity of fellow fans. And so, the My Magical Disney Shopper story continues, weaving a tapestry of enchantment that grows with every Disney treasure shared.


Can't wait to shop for you too!


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