A "Sweeter" Side of Stitch - March Release of Stitch Attacks Snacks

A "Sweeter" Side of Stitch - March Release of Stitch Attacks Snacks

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It sounds like Stitch is up to his usual mischief again, this time targeting the delightful French macarons! The combination of Stitch's playful antics and the sweetness of the macarons is sure to make for an entertaining spectacle. The coordination between Stitch's Hawaiian shirt and the colors of the macaron adds a fun touch to the whole experience.

The limited edition pin set featuring Stitch, Angel, and the macaron is a nice addition for collectors and fans of the series. It's great to see how Disney incorporates their characters into various themes and merchandise collections.

The release of this installment coinciding with the Disney Eats Collection, both featuring the beloved French pastry, is a clever move. It's sure to appeal to pastry lovers and Disney fans alike.

For anyone interested in getting their hands on these adorable goodies, it's important to mark their calendars for March 12th and head over to The Disney Store online promptly at 11am EST to ensure they don't miss out on the fun of watching Stitch Attack His Sweeter Side!

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