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Hades Ginger Lemon Blue Tea - Caffeine Free

Hades Ginger Lemon Blue Tea - Caffeine Free

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It’s a small underworld after all! Deep sinister blue tea with sarcastically spicy ginger and tart lemon complemented with vanilla and sweet apple. This tea may appear dark and scary, but it is actually quite sweet and lovable. 

Tasting Notes:  lemon | ginger | vanilla

Take a trip down to the underworld with our favorite blue-haired villain, Hades! He gives this herbal blend two thumbs way, way up for perfectly capturing the fun and slightly spicy demeanor of the god of the underworld.

This tasty caffeine-free herbal turns a deep blue color when brewed, to reflect Hades’ calm and cool-colored blue-flamed hair. If you want to see what happens when Hades gets enraged and his flames turn red add some lemon juice to the brewed tea and it turns a fiery pink! The flavor is a delicious creamy vanilla lemon with the light spicy kick of ginger and sweet apple.

Steeping Instructions

Use one heaping teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 5-8 minutes in hot water 208° (boiling)


apple, lemongrass, green rooibos, orange pieces, vervain, flavor, vanilla pieces, butterfly pea blossoms, ginger 

caffeine free

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