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Drop of Sunlight Lemon Pineapple Green Tea

Drop of Sunlight Lemon Pineapple Green Tea

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Sweet and fruity blend with light caffeine and bursting flavor of lemon and pineapple. Makes a good base for homemade tea lemonade.

Tasting Notes:  lemon | pineapple | chamomile

Prepare yourself for a burst of bright flavors that can turn any gloom into the best day ever! Just like our favorite long-haired princess, this drop of sunlight in a tea can bring some joy into your day. This fruit-heavy tea blend has everything that makes life better: green tea, sweet pineapple, tart lemon, and soothing chamomile. 

This low-caffeine, fruity blend is naturally lightly sweetened and contains trace amounts of sugar from the candied fruit that’s in it. Makes a delicious hot tea but really shines as an iced tea; add a little extra sugar to make a delicious, healthy, sunny lemonade! Drop of Sunlight is even better when shared with friends; don’t keep it all to yourself like Mother Gothel!


Steeping Instructions

Use one heaping teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Let steep 4 minutes in hot water 195°


candied pineapple, apple, lemon granules, lemon peel, red currants, flavor, green tea, candied mango, safflower, sunflower blossoms, chamomile, calendula petals

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