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Disney Doorables Multi-Peek Pack Series 5

Disney Doorables Multi-Peek Pack Series 5

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The Disney Doorables Multi-Peek Pack Series 5 invites fans into a world of miniature magic. Each pack offers a surprise assortment of beloved Disney characters and themed accessories, encouraging collectibility and imaginative play. Featuring vibrant, detailed designs, these tiny figurines capture the essence of Disney's iconic stories and characters, from classic favorites to newer additions. The Multi-Peek Pack format adds excitement with multiple windows revealing different surprises, enhancing the thrill of discovery. Whether adding to a collection or starting anew, Series 5 blends charm with surprise, making it a delightful choice for Disney enthusiasts of all ages to explore and enjoy.

  • Open the door to reveal which Disney characters are inside.
  • Each character stands approximately 1.5 inches tall, and features stylized detailing with sparkly glitter eyes.
  • 41 characters in Series 5.
  • Ideal for collecting and trading.

** Officially Disney licensed. **

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